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Exploring outside, while working on the inside!

Ignite Your Fire

Step outside of the everyday and enter a new way of thinking, feeling, connecting, and Being. It’s time to bring an intentional and meaningful way of living to your personal and professional development.​​

Our team of facilitators, nature guides, coaches and presenters will guide you and/or your team, as you enhance your wellbeing.

Nature at Work

Nature at WorkTM is a five week program designed to reduce employees’ digital fatigue, tech overwhelm/work, stress, burnout, and feelings of disconnection by building an internal & external nature cache to increase happiness, creativity, and connection.

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The forest is calling. Find out what freedom feels like on your next adventure with us!


"We used all our senses to connect with and appreciate the natural world where our only distractions were the birds and rustling branches. It was an opportunity to leave all daily distractions behind for a few hours and just concentrate on the natural world and all that it offers us in a healing, comforting way."
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Cheryl Hartwick
"This experience gives me the permission to slow down my mind and body which allows me to connect with nature, which creates healing. I love the sense of community that Forest Therapy brings with like minded people when we come together with the talking stick to share our personal experience if we like, with no judgement. Just everyone holding space for one another."
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Tracy MacDonald

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