“True morality consists not in following the beaten track, but in finding the true path for ourselves, and fearlessly following it.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Hey Outsider, is this you?

You feel guilty for wanting a life that’s different from everyone else’s

You feel pressured to do, buy, say things that don’t align with who you are

You love spending time outside and dream of going on epic adventures

It feels like you are never going to “make it”

Your friends are getting married, buying houses, and having kids and you feel a little bit alone

Your life choices aren’t celebrated the way others are

You aren’t even sure that you are making the right choices

You feel like the odd one out at family gatherings or with friend groups

I’m a professional at living off the beaten path and I have felt and heard it all.  Being tired of the bullshit pressures that come with this choice, I wanted to be able to help others navigate their way.

My coaching programs are designed specifically for women who live off the beaten path. I help women:

Ditch the guilt that comes with living off the beaten path

Build unstoppable confidence in their life choices

Book, plan, and take the adventure of their dreams…the scary one

Learn to give zero fucks about what others think they should be doing

Explore and try out new ways of doing things

Build unstoppable confidence in their life choices

Navigate tough conversations with family and friends (boundaries)

Break free from capitalist notions of success to live a life that’s true and authentic

There is more than one path to take in life, and you are incredible and courageous for taking the one less travelled!

My coaching approach is from the perspective of somebody who has been in your shoes – I know what it is like to feel stuck. I also strongly believe that every person on this planet has their own unique gift to bring into the world – their own version of backpacking solo or moving to a new country.

There is nothing that gives me more fulfillment in life than helping somebody else see that glimmer of infinite possibility for the first time. I have consciously made the decision to live a courageously adventure-inspired life, and it is my vision to help you create that life for yourself too.

The wilderness teaches us again and again that the world is a beautiful, abundant place. The wilderness is also a place full of memories and stories – your story.

Your story matters, you matter, and you deserve to have the adventure-inspired life of your dreams.